Aditya Shekhar Singh

Placed in L&T as a Graduate Engineer Trainee

I learnt from my experiences in working for various events in VIT and my chapter IET. I would like to give Eklavya credit for instilling a disciplined soft-spoken personality and a leadership quality which came in handy for my interviews and all the challenges in life. Whenever you work for extracurricular activities, make sure you learn something out of them. All the best!

Jennifer Mehjebin

Placed in Tata Consultancy Services

Team Eklavya is not just a team but an entire family where talented minds work together to create marvelously results, facing all the challenges together, making and setting records, from being the first canoe team to participate in the NCCC to being the overall winner of the first ever ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition. The team has undoubtedly created history.

Anshul Sethiya

Placed in mu-sigma

A perfect place to understand the theoretical concept while working on some amazing marvelous projects. * provides every opportunity a person needs to grow, with the help of various conference and competitions. * a place where one can understand the value of teamwork while working on some international and national competition.

Himanshu gulati


I look back on my learning in Eklavya as one of the most valuable experiences of my life. I not only learned the technical aspects of Civil Engineering but also the way of living my life. I will always be in debt to The Eklavya for the opportunities they floated towards me.

Aman kushwaha

Placed in Srishti, Structural Engineer in the design office

Founder of "Kashi group of Builders" a construction company Eklavya unity is its strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.                                                                                                                                                                      

Tushar Singh Raghuvanshi

Placed in Latent ViewAnalytics as a Business Analyst

Founder of "Kashi group of Builders" a construction company Eklavya unity is its strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.


Aditya Shingvi


Having served as the Co-Captain of the Team made me realize what I actually wanted to do post my graduation. Representing the country abroad at the 2017 ASCE North Carolinas Conference also helped me bag one of the first core jobs at Shapoorji Pallonji Construction Ltd. on campus.
Looking up to my seniors like a year back and my Juniors now looking up to me, I believe the cycle is now complete


Mohit Agrawal

Placed in L&T Construction

It was an amazing experience working with team Eklavya. I was very fortunate to be selected as a member of this team.
Working in eklavya improved my conceptual knowledge regarding civil engineering and helped me to improve my managerial skills too. And today where I stand or whatever I have achieved, would not have been possible without this team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Ashutosh Singh Rathore


You enter with the knowledge of basic classroom formulae and retired mastering not only civil engineering but lessons for life. The active journey of two & half years with my platoon have really made me a person who believes that hurdles will definitely gonna come in our life but not to stop us, just to make us stronger. And I feel proud that within the span of roughly 4 years we whole as a team have taken this newly born baby team to ASCE National Conference!

Shraddha Dhandharia


The experience that I gained with team Eklavya changed my perspective and my reactions towards every situation . It gave us the most valuable lesson of team work and of never giving up. It gave an exposure that helped develop my skills and made me a good civil engineer and a proud teammate.

Shreyansh Nahar

Research tie up with:

HPU, Hong Kong,
HUST, China
NUS, Singapore

Eklavya was an exciting journey and an unforgettable experience. We enhanced our skills at every stage and never that we realized that these skills will help us in the future. Cheers to the team for growing from strength to strength. The most important achievement was not the records that we broke, but the memories that we made, which lasts forever.

Sourabh Chauhan

Stanford University

It was an amazing experience with Team Eklavya, During the casting period, we tried variety of fine aggregates such as wood chippings, rubber shreds, vermiculite that was innovate when inculcated in concrete, this boosted our practical application in the real life world.

Shreyan Srivastava

Business Analyst specialization in Google Channel

Eklavya was first my endeavour college life and since its inception the learning never stopped. Be it technical knowledge,soft skills, creativity it brushes all them. Today where I stand, Eklavya has major contribution to it.


Aditya Goel

Being in Eklavya, I have learnt different aspects of Civil Engineering.I have not only broadened my knowledge but also my thoughts.

Vibodh Sharma

Our team participated in IIT madras national concrete competition and got a mention in the national newspaper- Deccan Chronicle.
This gave us the spirit to achieve our team's goal to.participate in the National Carolina Conference 2016. The conference has not only helped the team members to explore their knowledge but also gave the technical division a great head start

Mary Paul

Team Eklavya has given me the knowledge beyond the books. I have personally published a paper on Liquefaction of soil and projects in probable maximum precipitation and Soil Structure interaction 2015 was the founding year

Farhan Khan

Eklavya helped me to work efficiently as a team. Here, I came across many teachers, seniors, juniors and through mingling I brushed up my knowledge!!! I always had interest in practical implications of what I learnt in the class and Eklavya provided me with this opportunity!!! Eklavya made me realise that practical experience is more important!!! The participation in different events developed competitiveness in us which made us do better and work harder and perform better every next time!!! I enjoyed and learned a lot being part of this team!!! We supported our juniors to perform better than us and lead our team forward in coming years!!!

Yash Dugar

Being one of the Co-Founders of Eklavya, I have seen the team grow from just a small group of 8 people to over 50 people. It is the sheer dedication and hard work of each and every member that made Eklavya what it is today. I couldn't be more proud.

Shubham Toshniwal

Learning has no boundaries. Being a part of team Eklavya, I`ve realised it each day.